Frequently asked questions

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  • Where Horizon Lussier is located ?
    • The dealer recreational vehicle (rv) on the South Shore of Montreal.

      Horizon Lussier are very easy to access.

      Horizon Lussier is located directly in the output of the ramp 37 on Highway 10 (Autoroute des cantons de l’est), just 20 minutes from the Champlain Bridge on the South Shore of Montreal.

  • What are the rules to respect when travelling on the road with a recreational vehicle?
    • To consult the rules concerning towing, breaking, signalling and carriage of hazardous materials, click here!

  • Do you offer on site financing ?
    • Of course, we deal with most banks and credit unions. You may pay fixed or variable rates over a period up to 20 years.

  • What types of recreational vehicules do you offer ?
    • Horizon Lussier offers over 20 brands of RVs and every category offers hundreds of possibilities. We carry hybrid travel trailers, conventional travel trailers, fifth wheels, park models and Class A, B, B + and C motorhomes.

  • Do you offer training when I take possession of my new RV ?
    • We know that this day is very special for our customers. At Horizon Lussier, we provide a full demonstration to all our clients. You will have with you a private demonstration by a experienced employee they will explain all the workings of the elements in your new RV.

  • Est-ce avantageux de faire faire mes réparations et entretiens en automne ou au printemps ?
    • Certainement, en plus d’avoir plus de flexibilité dans nos horaires d’atelier, vous pourriez bénéficier de rabais additionnels sur les pièces et la main-d’œuvre. Informez-vous à l’un de nos conseillers techniques. Sachez que lorsque vous achetez un VR chez nous, vous serez jumelé à un conseiller technique qui s'occupera de vous à chacune de vos visites de façon à créer une relation personnalisée.

  • What is RV Care?
    • When you buying a RV from Horizon Lussier, you are assured of a North American exceptional service while traveling. Because we are a member of RV Care and RV Priority network which includes more than 155 dealers, ensuring you back on the road quickly if a problem arises with your RV, whether in Canada or the United States. When you are a new customer at Horizon Lussier, you will receive in your delivery wallet, a membership RV Care card to register online absolutely free. Horizon Lussier is the only motorhome dealer and one of few travel trailer dealer in Quebec to offer this service for free to its customers.

  • Pourquoi acheter son VR chez un marchand membre de l'A.C.V.R.Q ?
    • L’A.C.V.R.Q. (Association des commerçant de véhicules récréatifs du Québec) est un organisme à but non lucratif ayant pour objet de promouvoir le développement et l’encadrement des activités commerciales liées à l’industrie des véhicules récréatifs (VR) au Québec. En plus d’assurer la promotion et le développement de l’industrie, l’A.C.V.R.Q. élabore des règles de conduite visant à assurer la compétence, le professionnalisme et l’intégrité de ses membres. Les commerçants membre de l'A.C.V.R.Q doivent suivre un code de déontologie stricte.

  • Can you deliver my new travel trailer on my camp site?
    • Yes! Possibility of delivery, installation and demonstration of your new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel and park model. You only have to provide your patio dales for proper installation. *Certain conditions apply. Please ask your sales representative for price submission. 

  • How can i contact my rv manufacturer?
    • You looking to contact your rv manufacturer for parts or service? Click here to see our rv manufacturer links.