Terroir-friendly rv travelers?

Get 15% off on your annual subscription with the purchase of an RV!

Terroir-friendly rv travelers?

Drive, Discover, Meet…and Drive again!

RVing in Terroir is a Network of free overnight parking spaces offered by terroir producers in Canada who thrive to warmly greet and host RV travelers (trailer, motorhome, van).




-       650 safe parking spaces in scenic settings

-       4 Canadian provinces covered by the Network

-       35 vineyards and breweries

-       28 orchards

-       And so on!

 It is for RV travelers who love discoveries, authentic experiences, ‘off the beaten track’trips and tasty camping experiences ... while saving money!


4 Easy Steps 

1. Subscribe online. Only $105 tax in when purchasing your RV at Horizon Lussier and you’ll have access to the free parking spots Network for one year. No other fees, charges, tariffs charged by producers or the Network over the year!

2. Find RV parking by browsing the map or search by regions, dates, products or other search criteria.

3. Book online. A single click and your parking is reserved! The host producer will be notified by email. There are no limits on the number of reservations.

4. You will receive by mail your member card, a sticker to put on your RV and a small welcome gift.

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