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The idea of travel and the great outdoors

In the early 60s, Mr. Jean Lussier, founder of the company worked at the Gabriel Lussier’s garage specialising in the automotive and outboard motor industries. With time, Mr. Jean Lussier was appointed manager of the boats division, which he bought a few years later.

Knowing that boats are sold only in the summer, Mr. Jean Lussier adds a snowmobile product line, and travel trailers. This was in 1969.

The business flourishes, but in the early 80’s winters were without snow. A change is needed. The business, which was known under “Jean Lussier marine” became “Roulottes Jean Lussier.” Motorised vehicles, becoming more and more popular, was added to the inventory. Everything revolves around camping.

Over the years, the sale of motorhomes has grown to such an extent that it became desirable to change the business name. It had to be something that evoked both travel trailer and motorhomes. It was not an easy task. In 1997, we finally opted for “Horizon Lussier,” which plays about the idea of travel and the great outdoors.

An incomparable variety of RVs

At that same time, it was also important to open a new store specializing in the sales of the motorhomes. The company eventually buys an old Ministry of Transport building ideally located along the Marieville exit of the Eastern Township autoroute. Horizon Lussier is also the only company in North America to be located at such a location.

Renovated and customized for several million dollars, the branch opened in the fall of 1998 and already business was going smoothly.

Since 2006, Jean-Francois Lussier (son) took the helm of the company as a sole owner. The team in place today combines an impressive number of years of experience.

Horizon Lussier continues to innovate by offering to Quebecers an incomparable variety of RV’s. Camping travel trailers, hybrids, park models, fifth wheels and class A, B, B+ and C motorhomes proves that Horizon Lussier their is no getting away, is a must in the RV industry in Eastern Canada. For all these reasons that at Horizon Lussier, we go further…

Horizon Lussier is proud member of ACVRQ.

Meet our team

The team in place today has an impressive number of years of experience


Jean-François Lussier
1 800 387-4100 #226
Dany Fortin
General manager
1 800 387-4100 #248
Jean-Pierre Caron
Directeur des ventes
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Marieville Motorhomes Sales Team

Jocelyn Daigle
Sales Consultant
1 800 387-4100 #229
Louis Daigneault
Sales Consultant
1 800 387-4100 #295
Benoit Roberge
Conseiller aux ventes
1 800 387-4100 #237
Serge Maheux
Sales consultant
1 800 387-4100 #202

Marieville Towables Sales Team

Denis Breton
Sales Consultant
1 800 387-4100 #293
Jean-Claude Théberge
Sales Consultant
1 800 387-4100 #240
François L’Heureux
Sales Consultant
1 800 387-4100 #228
Francois Tamborini
Sales Consultant
1 800 387-4100 #296
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