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cabinetmaking and plumbing.

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Maintenance and repair services

Take advantage of our maintenance packages for trailers and motorhomes
in order to enjoy the campsite in peace.


General mechanical inspection

A complete 23-point mechanical inspection, including a road test.


Service maintenance of gas and diesel engines

  • Engine oil change
  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • Air filter check-up (replacement if required)
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Verify for leaks and adjust the level of all liquids (engine cooling, transmission, differential, steering, wheel bearing, hydraulic oil, windshield washer)
  • Visual inspection of the chassis (steering components, exhaust system, suspension, running gear, lighting system, belts)
  • Verify and adjust tire air pressure


Maintenance of wheel bearings

  • Bearing lubrication
  • Joint replacement
  • Visual inspection of the brakes
  • Cleaning and adjustment of the braking system


Battery verification

  • Verifying motor and home batteries
  • Basic cleaning of connectors if necessary (corrosion)
  • Verifying bracket fastener and basic cleaning
  • Verifying load system in all modes (120v, 12v, generator)


Generator maintenance and inspection

  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter replacement (if applicable)
  • Air filter verification and replacement (if applicable)
  • Visual inspection – (verify leakage and adjust levels)

General inspection of the interior

  • 19-point general inspection of RV interior


Spring start-up

  • Draining of antifreeze
  • Starting and basic cleaning of gas (propane) appliances
  • Propane gas pressure adjustment
  • Propane generator start-up
  • Leak test (propane)
  • Seal inspection



  • Winter preparation (Introduction of antifreeze liquids)
  • Emptying the septic tanks
  • Support service to winterize your vehicle with a certified technician (by appointment only)



  • Outdoor storage available at multiple sites (Marieville and Granby)
  • Indoor storage available in Granby (limited number of spaces)
  • Inspection of seals always included in the purchase of storage
  • Peace of mind package in three (3) phases
    • Autumn turn-key service: winter preparation, empty septic tank, seal inspection, slide-out mechanism and rubber lubrication
    • Outdoor or indoor storage
    • Spring turn-key service: antifreeze draining, starting propane appliances (gas), cleaning basic (gas) appliances, leak test (propane), gas pressure adjustment, seal inspection


Seal Tech

Seal Tech is a preventive treatment used to identify areas of risk where water could enter and cause severe damage to your vehicle. The first step is to increase the internal pressure of your vehicle using an air compressor. The second step is to spray all areas with soapy liquid where water could infiltrate, such as all joints on the roof or walls of your vehicle. The liquid solution will cause soap bubbles to appear in places where there are cracks, which is where the water begins to penetrate. Thus, Seal Tech provides superior results to visual inspection of seals. With a high level of precision, it can detect imperfections in your vehicle and intervene before severe damage occurs.


Maintenance of propane appliances

  • Start-up of gas appliances (propane)
  • Cleaning of gas appliances (propane)
  • Gas leak testing (propane)
  • Gas pressure adjustment (propane)


Seal inspection and correction

  • Your manufacturer recommends inspecting your vehicle seals at least 4 times per year. This can prevent significant damage to your vehicle, such as those related to water infiltration.


Slide-out lubrication

  • Lubrication of mechanism and rubbers facilitates the opening of slide-outs and prevents problems related to water infiltration.


Maintenance of the Aqua-Hot heating system

  • Basic cleaning of the Aqua-Hot
  • Replacement of filters
  • Replacement of nozzles

Services provided

Wash trailer / fifthwheel / motorhome
Wash roof of trailer / FW / motorhome
Wash main awning
Wash side awning
Wax sides (liquid)
Wax sides (orbital)
Wax roof (fiber/ sheet)
Roof treatment (membrane)
Polish walls
Polish wheels
Wash trunks
Carpet wash
Interior cleaning
Interior washing of household appliances
Interior washing of cabinets
Windshield treatments (cure and waterproof your windshield)
Glass panes treatment of internal RV devices
Hardening of the paint sealant
Underbody protection (rustproofing treatment and rodent-repellent treatment)
Treatment for protection of fabrics (carpets, fabrics, vinyl, leather)


Manufacturer warranty

We do repair work for damages covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. Please verify the duration of the warranty with your manufacturer as the term is subject to variation.


Extended warranty

We do repair work for damages covered by your extended warranty.


Our technicians and mechanics are certified by ACVRQ and RVDA Canada. We are installing the following item, and more.

  • Installation of torsion bars
  • Installation of hitch-ball
  • Installation of brake controllers and wiring
  • Installation of fifth-wheel
  • Installation of towing bars
  • Installation of braking devices
  • Installation of satellite antennas
  • Installation of aerator covers
  • Installation of splash guards
  • Installation of bicycle racks
  • Installation of propane extension cords
  • Installation of Nicova and Komo storage boxes
  • Installation of 3M protective film

We also offer the following chemical treatments:

  • Rust-proof treatment
  • Mouse control treatment

Vehicle bodywork

All requests related to painting and bodywork are handled by our team of experts. Our regional partners specialize in the RV industry and ensure exceptional service. After a collision on the road or related aesthetic damage, call us immediately to get a submission.


Interior repair service

Among our interior repair service, you will find:

  • Repair and reconstruction of interior and exterior walls
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Repair or replacement of various internal or external devices (awning, water tank, fridge, etc.
  • Leather repair and upholstery with leather or fabric
  • Windshield repair or replacement


Mechanical Repair

We do all the mechanical repairs related to axles, wheels, radiators, exhaust systems, batteries, steering seals, suspension, generator, hydraulic system, leveler system, heating, A/C, alternator, brakes, oil leaks and more
Large mechanical repairs such as engine replacement and transmission change are done by external authorized specialists.

We repair all major brands